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 The plant for trading products inspects and maintains engine parts gathered from all over Kyushu to ensure a smooth shipment of our high-quality products all around the world. Exclusive platforms are used for loading containers are equipped.
■ Plant for Trading Products (kimotsuki)
   5.0t forklift
   3.0t forklift
   2.0t forklift
   3.0t small-seized weighing machine
   3.0 t overhead traveling crane
   3.0 t containers forklift
Platform for the exclusive use of containers
(Accommodates all the 40ft and 20ft containers)
Accommodations for buyers are fully equipped.
■ Equipment(Higashibaru Plant) Number
   6.0t forklift            (1)
   3.5t forklift            (1) 3t天井クレーン
   3.0t forklift            (4)
   3.0 t forklift for containers     (1)
   1.5t forklift            (1)
   0.4 t Magnetic hydraulic shovel        (1)
   0.7 t hydraulic shovel with grapple    (1)
   0.7 t hydraulic shovel              (1)
   Tire Changer for Non-commercial automobiles   (1) 3.0 t overhead traveling crane
工場内風景 工場内の整頓されたエンジン用ラック
Inside the plant Neatly arranged racks for
engines in the plant
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大隅金属グループロゴ Trading
161 Tomiyama, Kimotsuki-cho, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan 893-1204
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